Red to White Card (Upgrade)

What is the Red to White Card (Upgrade) RPL process?

Red to White Card (Upgrade) is a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment of any previously gained, relevant skills and knowledge about safety in the construction industry. The Red to White Card (Upgrade) RPL process assesses you on all the necessary operational and safety procedures needed to work on construction sites.

For detailed RPL process and fee information, please carefully read the Red to White Card (Upgrade) Candidate Information Sheet.

The Red to White Card (Upgrade) is for the nationally accredited unit of competency:

CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safety in the construction industry.

Who is suitable for this RPL ?

  • This RPL upgrade process is best suited for applicants who wish to upgrade their current Red Card to a White Card (linked to the CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry unit) through a recognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway.
  • Candidates should hold a Red Card (issued before July 1, 2008) and have been working in the building and construction industry in the last two (2) years.
  • Typical building and construction roles could include site managers, supervisors, surveyors, tradespeople and labourers.

Advantages of holding a White Card?

Possessing a current White Card has the following advantages:

Advantages Description
Nationally accredited and recognised White Cards are nationally recognised and attached to a nationally accredited unit of competency  (CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry)

Only Victoria accepts the Red Card and there is no associated unit of competency

White cards are easy to replace A White Card replacement is simple – WorkSafe Victoria can provide a replacement White Card free of charge within ten (10) business days.
Red cards are difficult to replace The Red Card is difficult to replace if lost or stolen – Only the original organisation that delivered the training can issue a replacement for your lost or stolen Red Card. Many of these organisations no longer exist.
WorkSafe Victoria maintains records of all issued White Cards WorkSafe Victoria keeps records of all issued White Cards (but not Red Cards).

Evidence you must provide at the time of enrolment

1.A certified copy of your original Red Card or a statement of attainment issued by the training organisation who provided the training.*
If you are unable to provide either of the two, please contact Master Builders Victoria for further advice.

2.Proof that you have been working in the construction industry within the last two (2) years; for example:

      • A signed letter from your employer verifying you work (or have worked) with the employer within the past two years.
      • A CV with a referee’s contact details.

Note: Master Builders Victoria reserves the right to contact employers or referees to verify the authenticity of your currency statement.

3. Certified copies of your identity documents/entitlement to study in Australia as per the following table.

4. Certified copies of certificates or transcripts related to the building and construction industry (optional).

Photo ID

Other ID Enough?
A current Australian or New Zealand passport Nothing else needed Yes
Current driver’s licence


Current Keypass or other ‘proof of age’ card with photo


A current green Medicare card


Passport from another country

Australian Birth Certificate (not Birth Extract)


Formal documentation issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirming permanent residence


Naturalisation certificate


For participants under Visa Class 500 – Please note that we are not covered by CRICOS, and due to the visa condition 8202 we will be unable to provide any training services to you. If on the day of RPL we discover that  you are ineligible unfortunately we will be unable to issue a refund for the enrolment.

Important – If you are unable to provide the correct ID, we cannot issue you with your Statement of Attainment and WorkSafe cannot issue you with a White Card.

The Information Booklet

You will receive an Information Booklet attached to your enrolment confirmation email. Master Builders strongly recommends that you review the content in this document before your session. This content will assist you in preparing for your RPL written test and oral interview.

Assessment methodology

In this three (3) hour RPL session, you will have a maximum of three opportunities to demonstrate your prior learning and knowledge about working safely in a construction industry via

  • Demonstrating PPE
  • An oral interview with an assessor and
  • A written test.

Note: Although we do not allow you to bring your information booklet to the session, you can refer to any notes you may have prepared.

Three-attempt model

During the session, your assessor will provide you with three (3) attempts to demonstrate your existing skills and knowledge successfully. If you are assessed as not satisfactory after your last attempt, your assessor may recommend that you undertake the full day Construction Induction Training (White Card) program.


To avoid any disappointment, we strongly recommend you enrol in this RPL process only if you:

  • Are confident in your current knowledge and skills (as required by the associated unit of competency); and
  • Invest the necessary time to review the content documented in the Information Booklet provided electronically at the time of enrolment.

Issue of the White Card

After successful completion of the RPL process, Master Builders Victoria will issue a statement of attainment for the unit of competency and notify the Victorian WorkSafe Authority, who will issue your White Card.

Entry requirements

To successfully undertake RPL process, we expect that you would

  • hold a Red Card or equivalent.*
  • be working in the construction industry within the last TWO (2) years.
  • have a valid USI. Get yours here if you do not already have one.
  • As the Red to White Card (Upgrade) is assessed in English, you should have the basic English speaking and listening skills necessary to fulfil the evidence requirements.

Note: Learner support will be available to applicants who experience literacy and numeracy difficulties.

  • If you are under 18, you must have a permission form signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Participants must be 16 or over at the year of enrolment.

* What to do if you can’t provide your Red Card

Before applying for recognition of prior learning (RPL), it is highly recommended that you hold a valid Red Card (or the relevant statement of attainment) issued by the RTO who provided the training. As this is an RPL process, the outcome is not solely dependent on your Red Card being presented. Therefore, you can still apply to undertake this RPL process even if you cannot provide a Red Card.

For more information

For detailed information, please refer to Red to White Card (Upgrade) Candidate Information Sheet. Alternatively, please contact the Master Builders Training Institute for further advice on 9411 4555.