Asbestos Awareness – Plan and Oversee Removal or Disturbance of Asbestos

Designed For

This course has been designed for building and construction project managers, principal contractors or site managers tasked with overseeing the removal or disturbance (eg. cutting, drilling, painting) of asbestos containing materials as part of a refurbishment or demolition work.

Course Overview

This non-accredited short course provides information on how to plan and oversight the removal or disturbance of asbestos containing material, know who needs to be involved and what steps and certificates are required. Participants will learn how to thoroughly plan to ensure all asbestos present or likely to be disturbed, is identified, removed or worked on safely without causing exposure to workers or the general public. Information is also provided on how to deal with emergency situations such as unexpected asbestos finds and persons affected or exposed to asbestos.

The course can be tailored to meet the needs of clients, including training on any in-house policies and procedures related to works involving asbestos.

Mode of Delivery

This course is delivered via face-to-face classes only.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the trainee will be able to:

  • understand their requirements when working in and around asbestos – including the requirement to investigate potential asbestos areas prior to work commencing onsite
  • recognise the broad uses of asbestos-containing material and how to identify such materials

Learners will gain an awareness of how to:

  • select and effectively manage asbestos removal contractors, independent persons carrying out asbestos air monitoring and those engaged to conduct independent clearance inspections
  • plan activities related to asbestos removal work or work on asbestos-containing materials
  • deal with accidental asbestos exposure and site contamination.

Note: This course is not designed to satisfy the asbestos removal training required for the  removal of unlimited quantities of asbestos-containing material. Workers seeking training for the purpose on conducting unlimited asbestos removal work under a WorkSafe issued licence should contact WorkSafe for information – go to

For more information on the course, refer to the Course Information Sheet or call us on 03 9411 4555.

Trainer Profile

Our facilitator, Anita Aiezza is the Principal Consultant and Occupational Hygienist at Asbestos Removal Risk Management Services (aRRMs). Anita has extensive experience as a technical specialist and regulator at WorkSafe Victoria where she led the development and implementation of state-wide asbestos compliance programs; the delivery of asbestos statutory functions and audit and inspection activities; and the development and review of asbestos legislation, compliance codes and guidance. Anita draws on her experience and uses case studies and practical demonstrations to make the training both relevant and engaging.

Anita Aiezza