Business Management and CPD Upskilling


Winning, performing and managing business

Whether managing a small building business or overseeing multimillion dollar commercial construction projects, developing the personal and organisational skills to win, perform and manage building and construction work will enhance market competitiveness and business success.

Building organisational knowledge (Workforce development and training)

The competiveness of a business relies heavily on the skills and quality of the knowledge captured and shared by its organisational members. Our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course provides participants with the confidence to lead and present to groups in the workplace and to mentor and coach employees in knowledge sharing activities.

Leadership, supervision, employment relations and diversity

Ineffective management and deployment of human resources can result in communication breakdown and industrial disputes. These issues can be further exacerbated where there is a diverse mix of culture, gender and religious observance on a construction worksite. In addition, supervisors and managers may have outstanding technical skills but lack experience or aptitude in influencing and people-orientated skills. Master Builder’s industry training programs that expand participant skill and knowledge to address these issues include: Managing Onsite Industrial Relations, Diploma in Building and Construction (Management) and the Construction Supervisors course.