Tailored Business Management Courses

Tailored and Onsite Courses – OHS and Business Management

Investing in a Master Builders Tailored Business Management Courses provides a learning solution specific to your business.

The benefits to your company include:

  • A truly unique and immersive program that will leave a lasting impression
  • Greater flexibility around program and delivery options
  • Opportunities to integrate company specific processes, policy or content
  • Opportunities to incorporate team and organisational culture and building activities
  • Cross fertilisation of ideas and innovations between cohorts that may otherwise work independently
  • The ability to test policies, procedures and operating systems in a safe simulated environment
  • The ability to directly apply and enhance learning in our simulated workplace.

Popular Onsite courses :

Nationally Accredited Courses

Non-Accredited Courses

Popular Tailored programs:

  • Managing onsite industrial relations – Refresher
  • Sales training
  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Performance management
  • Health and safety representatives (HSR)
  • Recruitment and talent identification

NOTE: Tailored programs can incorporate your company’s policies, procedures and other documentation.