Microsoft Project for the Construction Industry


This non-accredited short course is delivered by Solid Support Pty Ltd.

Designed For

Microsoft Project for the Construction Industry is suitable for people currently working in project related roles or those who would like to extend their project management skills using MS Project 2010.

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to plan and schedule a construction project. The course focuses on setting up a project in MS Project, updating and revising project schedules, assigning resources. You will be shown how to create time-scaled diagrams (bar charts) and update and monitor activity completion.

Learning Outcomes

After completing Microsoft Project for the Construction Industry, students will have gained the skills and knowledge to:

  • Customize and assign project calendars
  • Input tasks, durations and milestones
  • Link and structure a programme
  • Manage constraints and multiple calendars
  • Format and print a programme
  • Understand and control the critical path
  • Track and report progress / status
  • Document delays in a programme
  • Use filters to manage a programme
  • Assign resources and costs
  • Level resources
  • Create cash flow graphs based on your programme

For more course and fee details, refer to the Course Information Sheet.