Microsoft Office Skills

Designed For

Microsoft Office Skills is for building and construction workers and office and administrative personnel working in small-to-medium-sized construction businesses.

Course Overview

For a variety of reasons, personnel may find their work role involving a greater exposure to personal computers and computer applications/programs beyond their current level of expertise. Other personnel may already be using computers regularly in their work role but are unfamiliar with the key features specific to Microsoft Office 2010. This course will assist both types of personnel with hands-on training sessions where attendees are able to practise skills relevant to their workplace under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Students will also receive:

• A VIP card allowing the student access to 3-months help desk support
• Three comprehensive course manuals on each topic within

Learning Outcomes

Students will have gained the skills and knowledge to:

• Create, format and print documents in Microsoft Word
• Create and save a simple spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel
• Create and send emails in Microsoft Outlook