Business Fundamentals – Maximise Operations


Designed for

This course is suitable for small to medium Builders who want to improve their business operations and have their business operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Understand the key drivers within your business and learn practical ways to implement processes that will support those drivers to perform at their best.


This course will assist to identify the key drivers in your business and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of these drivers resulting in enhanced business performance.
Areas where key drivers of business efficiency and effectiveness can be reviewed and improved include:

  • Efficient Resources Productivity – staff and technology Assets – Working capital and Capital investment
  • Profitability Sales – Pricing, volume and customers Expenses – Fixed, variable and suppliers
  • Risk Management Internal and External
  • Innovation

All areas involve careful planning to maximise operations and improve business performance.

 Learning Outcomes

A one-day workshop will provide each participant with:

  • a thorough understanding of the key drivers in their business
  • knowledge of how to leverage these drivers to improve performance.

You will be provided checklists, templates, and a workbook to implement continuous improvements in your business.

Trainer Profile

Our facilitator, Jan Barned is widely recognised as one of the country’s leading small business financial and business management experts. Jan has become the go to person for any business looking to implement targeted growth strategies using proven techniques.
She is an award winning and prolific author who has published hundreds of articles on how to implement proven financial and business management strategies for sustained growth, improved profitability, and increased cash flow.

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