Business Fundamentals – Improve Financial Strategies


Designed for

This course is suitable for Builders who want to learn how to improve their financial results within the next twelve months. Learn how to create a short term business plan to align to a marketing strategy and financial plans.


This course uses your own financial statements or information to learn about key financial strategies to improve profitability and cash flow. Participants will bring their current financial statements or information to work on in this workshop. Learn about operational and marketing strategies that can support your financial goals for the next twelve months.
In this course you will:

  • Create a summarised State of Success for your business
  • Clarify how the numbers work in your business
  • Investigate proven systems to maximise profits, and
  • Create a One-year plan that includes key goals, strategies and action plans

 Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • have a deeper understanding of their financials
  • be able to identify how to generate profit quickly and easily and
  • have a two-page twelve month business plan that enables you to manage and monitor changes in the business for future success.

Trainer Profile

Our facilitator, Jan Barned is widely recognised as one of the country’s leading small business financial and business management experts. Jan has become the go to person for any business looking to implement targeted growth strategies using proven techniques.
She is an award winning and prolific author who has published hundreds of articles on how to implement proven financial and business management strategies for sustained growth, improved profitability, and increased cash flow.

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