Business Fundamentals – Fundamentals of Sales


Designed for

The fundamentals of Sales course is recommended for anyone in a Frontline sales role.


Participants who complete this course will be implementing the fundamentals in every sales transaction. Upon completion of this course participants will:

  • evaluate client needs
  • develop solutions
  • win more client commitment

 Learning Outcomes

Participants will have gained knowledge in:

  • Importance of human interaction
  • The fundamentals of every sales transaction
  • Preparing for, assessing & fulfilling client expectations
  • Overcoming objections & developing successful closing strategies
  • Securing future sales opportunities
  • Discover new ways to approach interactions or challenges and what actions influence real sales outcomes.
  • Become aware of personal development priorities
  • Refine and implement new learned skills in the workplace.
  • Develop new skills to effectively question, evaluate client needs and develop effective solutions leading to better sales outcomes.
  • How to improve sales performance in your business.

For more course and fee details click on the Course Information Sheet.