Adopting Innovative Processes & Practices


Course Overview

This course is suitable if you are involved in building and construction projects that involve the adoption of innovative practices or processes that require excellent collaboration between the parties.

Large-scale industry transformation to adopt innovative processes or new technologies requires intensive collaboration. The key to achieving success, in many change initiatives that require innovation and process integration, is a commitment to collaborative practices.

The Collaborative Practice Training Framework was developed following a three-year national research project led by Prof. Kerry London and Dr. Zelinna Pablo. The project included industry partners from Frasers Property, Metricon, FMG Engineering and Master Builders Victoria. Collaboration has long been considered to be vital to the construction industry; however, little attention has been paid to developing practical outcomes based on lessons learned from successful scenarios in such a detailed manner as this. We now have evidence based research underpinning a rigorous, systematic and detailed approach to training for collaboration to effect change. There is now a clear pathway customised for this fast growing sector.

This research has resulted in the development of the Collaborative Practice Model within a supply chain network. By attending this training, you will be able to:

  • Have increased knowledge of the latest trends construction projects
  • Understand the collaborative practice model and its elements
  • Practice the behaviours involved in successful collaboration
  • Start to develop your own methodology for collaborative working in real-life situations

      Simulation Learning

      Using our state-of-the-art Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC), this course includes a unique simulated learning experience. Set up as a realistic construction site, participants are immersed into real-life scenarios, typical of construction workplaces, giving you the opportunity to practice new competencies in a controlled environment.