Sustainability Principles (Green Living)

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Sustainability Principles (Green Living) is for builders, site managers, foremen, construction managers and other practitioners involved in overseeing or managing building and construction projects in the residential or small scale commercial sectors.

Master Builders Entry Requirements

Due to the accelerated nature of this course, it is recommended that students have at least three (3) years experience in the building and construction industry.

Course Overview

This nationally accredited short course provides builders with the knowledge, information and tools to build sustainability options into their construction projects. Examining options beyond the mandatory requirements outlined in the National Construction Codes or local government regulation, the short course covers practical topics such as site preparation, energy efficient building practices and the minimisation of waste on the construction site.

Mode of Delivery

This course is delivered through face-to-face classes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Offer a range of sustainable solutions to their clients
  • Build to 6 Star requirements and beyond, taking into account housing affordability
  • Evaluate how design, orientation, and structural insulation can impact the thermal performance of a building
  • Plan a waste management strategy
  • Manage materials procurement and the building process to reduce building and construction waste.

Required Publications

These are the publications which you will be required to purchase, or have access to, for this course. You’ll need to ensure to place your order for these prior to your first day of class. Please complete the publication order form here, and return to us at

Resources and Publications Available from Member price Non Member Price
Your Home (recommended) # $ Master Builders $50 $60
#These items are available for free download

Note: Students who are deemed competent in this cluster and become Registered Building Practitioners and Master Builders members may have the opportunity to gain Green Living Accreditation. For further information about this please contact the Training Department on (03) 9411 4555.

For further details click on the Course Information Sheet. 

Successful students who only undertake this cluster will be issued with a Statement of Attainment by Master Builders Association of Victoria.

Build thermally efficient and sustainable structures
Minimise waste on building and construction site