Occupational Health and Safety Obligations

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Occupational Health and Safety Obligations is for builders, site managers, foremen, construction managers and other building practitioners involved with the management of small-to-medium-sized building businesses who wish to become the appropriately registered person with responsibility under Victorian building legislation.

Master Builders Entry Requirements

Due to the accelerated nature of this course, it is recommended that students have at least three (3) years experience in the building and construction industry.

Course Overview

The risk of a serious or fatal injury is considerably higher for building and construction workplaces than in any other industry. Awareness of potentially unsafe and risky work practices and your legislative responsibilities for the workplace safety of others is imperative. This nationally accredited short course provides advice on suitable safety training and site induction procedures as well as safety training, risk management and workplace inspection techniques.

Mode of Delivery

This course is delivered through face-to-face classes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the legislative framework and associated regulatory requirements underpinning an OHS safety management system
  • Identify construction specific hazards and potential risks in the building and construction workplace
  • Educate, communicate and advise on suitable risk control measures.

Required Publications

These are the publications which you will be required to purchase, or have access to, for this course. You’ll need to ensure to place your order for these prior to your first day of class. Please complete the publication order form here, and return to us at training@mbav.com.au.

Resources and Publications Available from Member price Non Member Price
Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004# $ Master Builders $40 $53
Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017# $ Master Builders $66 $82
#These items are available for free download

 For further details click on the Course Information Sheet.

Successful students who only undertake this cluster will be issued with a Statement of Attainment by Master Builders Association of Victoria.

Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace