Keep Master Builders training on your tool belt

We are pleased to present the training directory for July through Dec 2020. Inside, you’ll find a broad spectrum of training options to help get you the work you’re after. Each one has been offered according to demand—by you and the industry at large.

Among the many topics available are the short courses we introduced in the previous directory, which include training in waterproofing, asbestos awareness, trade registrations, building permit applications and safe work methods statements. You asked, we delivered, and we are pleased to report they’ve been well received by our members.

‘Waterproof Training for the Construction Industry’, for example, is an awareness course that has hosted near-capacity classes each time it’s been presented, indicating your appetite for knowledge in internal, external and below-ground waterproofing skill. Likewise, our introduction of the Trade Registrations (Domestic) short course has given our members a helpful and efficient option in their pursuit of Domestic Builder registration. It allows them to fast-track their acquisition of knowledge about arranging building applications and approvals, selecting and preparing a building contract, and producing labour and materials schedules for ordering.

It’s been said that the building industry is slow to change, perhaps because it is steeped in longstanding traditions and in fundamental technologies that work as well today as they have for centuries. But from the perspective of Master Builders training staff, at least one thing is for certain—that building regulations are in a near-constant state of flux and adjustment.

If you’re on the list to receive our EDMs, such as Builder Registration, Housing or Construction News, or even our special bulletins, then you’re well aware of the frequency with which we notify you of these changes and how to prepare for them. If there is a resource that can help you—be it one of our own or someone else’s—we’ll tell you about it. But it’s important for you to know that it’s our goal to help connect you with the best resources for information and support. And that’s why Master Builders training is valuable to have on your tool belt.

Clearly, you are giving us good feedback, and we want that to continue. Master Builders is committed to delivering top-quality training, and that relies heavily on a steady exchange of information between staff and student.

Contact the Training Department on (03) 9411 4555 to discuss the many opportunities available to you and to let us know what you need.