Non-Friable Asbestos Awareness & Limited Asbestos Removal

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Non-Friable Asbestos Awareness & Limited Asbestos Removal is for workers involved in the removal of limited quantities of non-friable asbestos containing material permitted to be conducted without a licence and for workers who are required to work on non-friable asbestos containing material eg cutting, drilling, painting

Course Overview

  • To inform participants of the health risks associated with working with asbestos
  • To equip participants with knowledge to recognise different types of asbestos containing material
  • To demonstrate how to safely undertake limited permitted non-friable asbestos removal work according to legislative requirements
  • To demonstrate how to safely work on non-friable asbestos containing material
  • To demonstrate the selection, use and fitting of personal protective clothing and respiratory protective devices

Mode of Delivery

This course is delivered via face-to-face classes only.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the learner will be able to:

  •  Review the history, characteristics and uses of asbestos
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of asbestos containing materials (ACM)
  • Identify and label non-friable asbestos materials
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the different types of health hazards associated with asbestos
  • Plan and prepare for the safe removal of non-friable asbestos containing material up to the amount permitted to be undertaken as unlicensed asbestos removal work
  • Plea and prepare for working safely on non-friable asbestos-containing material in accordance with legislative requirements
  • Select and use relevant plant, personal protective clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Decontaminate work areas and dispose of asbestos materials as required by legislation

Note: This course is not designed to satisfy the asbestos removal training required for the  removal of unlimited quantities of asbestos-containing material. Workers seeking training for the purpose on conducting unlimited asbestos removal work under a WorkSafe issued licence should contact WorkSafe for information – go to

Refer to the Course Information Sheet for more details on this course.

Trainer Profile

Our facilitator, Anita Aiezza is the Principal Consultant and Occupational Hygienist at Asbestos Removal Risk Management Services (aRRMs). Anita has extensive experience as a technical specialist and regulator at WorkSafe Victoria where she led the development and implementation of state-wide asbestos compliance programs; the delivery of asbestos statutory functions and audit and inspection activities; and the development and review of asbestos legislation, compliance codes and guidance. Anita draws on her experience and uses case studies and practical demonstrations to make the training both relevant and engaging.

Anita Aiezza