Tailored Business Management Courses

Tailored and Onsite Courses – OHS and Business Management

Investing in a Master Builders Tailored Business Management Courses provides a learning solution specific to your business.

The benefits to your company include:

• Greater flexibility around program timetabling (for example on known RDO days)
• Multiple choice of locations (especially for companies in rural areas)
• Program timings such as evenings or late afternoons to suit workplace rosters
• Opportunities for team building and increasing organisational commitment from employees
• Cross fertilisation of ideas and innovations between cohorts that may often otherwise work independently
• Exposing employees and managers to industry best practices in the same workshops
• Meaningful opportunities to apply learning directly in the workplace using scenarios, policies and operating systems documentation that participants are readily familiar with
• Enhancing a systematic workplace training and development or cultural change program already in place.

Onsite (popular courses in 2015):

• Managing Your Priorities (Time Management)
• SWMS Workshops
• TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)
• MS Project 2010
• First Aid Level 2
• First Aid Level 2 – Blended model
• BSB30707 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety
• BSB41407 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
• Construction Induction Training (White Card)
• Fire Warden Training
• Non-Friable Asbestos Removal Awareness Course.

Tailored programs in 2015:

• Selecting and managing contractors
• Plan reading – commercial (using your plans)
• Defibrillator Training
• Presentation skills
• OHS refresher training for OFSC audits
• SWMS Workshops
• Toolbox training.

NOTE: Tailored programs can incorporate your company’s policies, procedures and other documentation.